Barcelona, July 2020

Anna Alfaro. Storyteller, well-being coach and advocate of a healthy and conscious lifestyle. 

She loves everything related with self-care, creativity and self-growth.

Who is Anna Alfaro?

I am passionate about life, care, light, knowledge and growth, living a full, conscious and happy life.

Many years ago I studied psychology, but throughout my formative journey, I went around quite a bit as I've continued to do over the years. At the beginning, I couldn't find my way but looking back, everything I did, took me to where I am today and brought me chances to learn and keep growing. I feel very alive and inspired by many things, including yoga, writing, design, photography, nature, light...

I have worked in communication for years, but since 4 years ago I am an entrepreneur and today I combine my work as a storyteller and content creator for conscious, wellbeing and respectful brands, with my work as a coach offering 1:1 sessions together with other resources such as ebooks, workshops...

What did you miss the most being in confinement?

Freedom. Freedom to go in and out as you wish. I’m very happy staying at home but I need to feel that I can decide by myself. That liberty for me is very important.

What grounds you?

Without any doubt, my daily yoga practice (every morning, at least 5-6 days per week for one hour) and my meditation, also daily, around 20 minutes right after the asanas. Also journaling, which makes me feel very close to my emotions and feelings. It helps me to see how I am, stay with myself and know me better, recognize things, take decisions, work on discomfort, fears or doubts when they arise… Is a very powerful tool.

Where do you want to go when the lockdown ends?

I’m looking forward to going to Mallorca. I have family and friends there and summer is always a must. But while it arrives and we can fly (I’m thinking about going in July, hopefully!), Costa Brava and Empordà, here in Catalunya, is always nice too!

Which are your wishes for the ‘new normal’ times?

I would like to keep respecting my own times, rhythms, “protecting” all that I built during this time which was very valuable. I love so much having my space and moments to be with me and my closest people. I don’t want to go outside and run, be in a rush, take the anxiety and the speed from the outside.

I want to stay in my zone, in my essence and say “no” when it’s necessary.

Share with the people that I love and enjoy the summer, the sun and the light.

Feel the freedom in the ways that I enjoy the most, the simplest things such as going outside of the city or walking around just to pick up a latte from a place you like and inspires you.

My wishes mainly all of them can be summed up by living the life that I love, be calm, free and happy surrounded by my people. Maybe it sounds hippy but I feel it that simple.

What is your contribution for a better world?

I hope my sharings contribute in some way to create a better world. I’m always searching for things, for inspiration. I’m very lively and curious. I read, study, listen to podcasts or watch documentaries… and I feel so lucky because there’s a lot to enjoy and be inspired, grow emotionally and spirituality.

Those things that come to me, many times through others (what I really appreciate!), I share them on my blog, newsletters, social media… but also, in 1:1 coaching sessions hoping to inspired and help others to live better in a more sustainable, balanced and healthy way which is directly connected with making the world better, hopefully.

What is your criteria for choosing clothes you buy?

I try, as much as possible, to buy from small, local and sustainable brands. There are some brands that I already know so I look at what they are having when I need something but when it’s something that I don’t know from who I can have it, I used to do research. I have to admit that I do that in all areas of my life. If I’m looking to study something new, for sure I will look into all the schools, programs and options before deciding. Same with clothes.


What do you think that makes a garment timeless?

Make it simple but special and nice. Also, the quality and the procedure to create it. If you do the things right with the best materials (respectful and sustainable), it will last forever.


A film/ a song/ a book.

Call me by your name

Chateau from Angus & Julia Stone

Breaking the habit of being you, Joe Dispenza

Anna wears the Martina One Piece in Black.


#figpeople is a series of interviews to people that in a way or another are connected to figtree, to its philosophy and to me. I decided to start this interviews with the intention to share one of my most valuable treasures, the amazing community of people that I love and care for. I feel very grateful to have them around.

Thanks #annalfaro for your trust and time and taking part of this project.

With love,


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